Yuk ke Palembang dan Bikin Foto Seru Kamu di 7 Spot Instagramable ini

Let's Visit Palembang and Take Fun Pictures on These 7 Instagrammable Spots


Do NAM SQUAD have any vacation plans in the near future? Don't forget to book your flights to Palembang with NAM Air. Those who have photography and traveling to historical sites as their hobby shouldn't miss their opportunity to visit Palembang. Because you can certainly find Instagrammable tourism spots and historical destinations. Here are the 7 tourism destinations with instagrammable photo spots in Palembang. Check it out!

  1. Bayt Al-Quran Al Akbar
    Do you want to see an Al-Quran in a great size? Visit Palembang and you can find it here. Here you can find a Quran with verses carved into tamarind woods worthy of 630 pages. You can also take pictures with the pages of this Quran as your backdrop. Not to mention, the carvings are done in predominantly gold and brown that can make your pictures look cooler. You don't have to spend a lot to visit this place, you only need to behave politely. If you ever decide to visit, don't forget to dress accordingly!
  2. Ampera Bridge
    This place is known to be Palembang's icon. The bridge stretches above the Musi River with a width of 1000 meters. It is a symbol of prosperity for the people of Palembang, shown through its predominantly bright red color. When the night comes, the lights will sparkle and provide you with a cool backdrop to take pictures of. But be careful if you ever decide to take pictures here NAM SQUAD, many vehicles pass around this area.
  3. Punti Kayu
    You can say that Punti Kayu is a city within Palembang. With various trees growing here, it makes Punti Kayu a calm and breezy place. In it, there are several rides and a water park. On top of that, there are several wild animals living there. Long-tailed monkeys mostly wander around this area. The park opens every day for the public, with only Rp. 10,000 as the entrance fee. But, just so you can enjoy every ride, it's better to set the budget to Rp. 100,000.
  4. Kemaro Island
    According to legends, this island was made from the love story of a couple who jumps into the river and doesn't resurface until a land appears, which is later named Kemaro Island. By using a traditional Palembang boat named "ketek", you can cross the river to reach this island. In the middle of this island, you can see a 9-story tall pagoda that causes this island to be packed with people nearing chinese new year. The pagoda will make a cool backdrop for your picture. To reach the island, NAM SQUAD can use a small boat with the price of around 80-100 thousand rupiahs or a speedboat with the price of 100-150 thousand rupiahs. These accommodations can be easily found in the Musi River dock.
  5. Arabic Village Al-Munawar
    This village is a historical site on the banks of the Musi river. There are around 30 patriarchs of Arabic descent living here. You will be able to find buildings made of wood with classic design here. This place is perfect for pictures because of the unique buildings that have natural color combinations. 
  6. Kuto Besak Fort
    Millennials love to take pictures here, maybe because the building looks like a palace. Located not too far from the Musi river, it made this place more crowded nearing dusk, because the golden hour combined with the landscape of this classic fort makes such a beautiful backdrop. You will seem as cool if you take a picture with the classic fountain in front of the fort, too.
  7. Siguntang Hills
    Have you ever heard of this historical site in Palembang? It may not be as popular as the Ampera bridge, but Siguntang hills can give you a different impression from the rest. Here, NAM SQUAD can have a history lesson. Located in Bukit Lama, Ilir Barat I sub-district, Palembang, this place is believed to be a place of prayers for the royal family during their reign. It's located 29-30 meters above sea level, and the position apparently makes the place all the more sacred.

That's all the recommendations we have, you don't have to wait for long. Book a flight to Palembang using NAM Air soon. Because now, NAM Air offers various routes across Indonesia. You can check NAM Air's website and NAM Air's social media accounts for more info about the routes and schedules.