Yok, Nak Cubo 6 Ide Wisata Alam di Palembang!

Come On, Let's Try 6 Nature Tourism Ideas in Palembang!


Let's go to Palembang!

This weekend is the perfect time if you fly to travel to Palembang, especially with NAM Air. You can have fun and enjoy the beautiful city of Palembang and natural tourist destinations that are not less cool than other cities in Indonesia. If you do not believe it, see 6 natural attractions that you must explore when traveling to Palembang.


  1. Pagar Alam Tea Plantation
    The place lies under the foot of Mount Dempo. With cool and fresh air, on the right and left winding road surrounded by the green expanses of tea gardens. In the morning and late afternoon, sometime the fog falls on the main road. At the top of the tea garden, there is a large gazebo where you can look at the city of Pagar Alam from a distance. You can also rent a villa to stay here.
  2. Lake Ranau
    Lake Ranau is the second largest lake after Lake Toba in Sumatra. Many activities you can do here, such as renting a boat to go along the lake or you can also cross to Marisa Island in the middle of the lake. If you have more time to visit, you can enjoy the hot springs lied under the foot of Mount Saminung.
  3. Maung Waterfall
    Maung Waterfall located in the Lahat district. You will be treated to an up and downhill field through the hill towards the location. This massively impressive, especially for the adventurous one. But all the effort paid out when seeing the beautiful Maung Waterfall view. Don't forget to capture the moments, NAM SQUAD!
  4. Badegung Waterfall
    Badegung Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia. The location is in Muara Enim, and upon arrival, you have to walk to get the waterfall. Make sure you wear a comfortable outfit because the path to the waterfall also has to pass several stairs. A stretch of the like splitting hill waterfall comes in front of your eyes when you arrive at the location, combined with a variety of green flora that grows here.
  5. Mount Dempo
    The foot of Mount Dempo surrounded by tea and coffee plantations. To reach Mount Dempo, you have to drive about 7 hours from the city of Palembang. When the fruit season arrives, you can buy several types of fruit directly from the farmers. If you still challenged, you can hike up to the top of  Mount Dempo, accompanied by an experienced guide there. Setting up a tent and waiting for the sunrise is more exciting on Mount Dempo. It's fun, right?
  6. Mount Thumb
    Named by Mount Thumb, because the peak of this mount resembles a thumb. Some local people call it "Mount Salero". If you want to climb up here, the terrain is quite challenging because there are many rocky and steep roads. Interestingly, you can stop by the nearest nature preserves where hundreds of elephants trained, and you can even see it up close.

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