Panduan untuk Maksimalkan Liburan Kamu di Tanjung Puting

Your Vacation Guide to Maximizing Your Holiday in Tanjung Puting


It is a fact that Indonesia is known for its tropical weather. As an Indonesian, it is not completed, if you never experience a tropical holiday in your own country with all the marvelous nature that is still genuine. If you want to know how it feels going to the jungle and meets varieties of rare animals that are protected, you must visit Tanjung Puting. 

Before planning to go there, check our recommendation to experience your vacation to the fullest.

  1. Be a guest at Rainbow Village in Pangkalan Bun
    Not only in Malang, but Pangkalan Bun also has Rainbow village. Visit the town to make extra trendy feeds for your Instagram, because here is really Instagramable.
  2. Explore the Rivers with Klotok
    Starting from the Serimbang river, Segintung river, and Sekonyer river, you can explore the magnificent nature of the jungle with Klotok or Borneo’s Ferry.
  3. Find Fireflies in Rawa Gambut Jungle
    In metropolitan cities, it is rare to find fireflies. So, as you visit Borneo, you can take pictures with fireflies at the Rawa Gambut jungle at night time. Experience visiting fairy tales with thousands of fairies here. 
  4. Meet Orangutan at Tanggui Cottage
    One of the rare and unique animals that can be found in Tanjung Puting is ORANGUTAN! Visit them in Tanggui cottage, and you can play and feed them.
  5. Visit Tenggiri Fish Crackers Factory
    Curious how Borneo's special crunchy fish crackers are made? Visit the factory at Tanjung Puting.
  6. Enjoying the Sunset at Arut River
    From a motorboat, you can get mesmerized by the sunset landscape at Arut river.

Curious enough about the fun you can get by enjoying and visiting various fun places at Tanjung Puting? Mark the date and schedule your vacation right now! Adding extra unforgettable fun to your holiday, let’s fly with Nam Air. Book flights with NAM Air now and enjoy the sensation of Joyful Journey to Tanjung Puting.