Kunjungi 8 Landmark Paling Megah di Surakarta dan Banjarmasin ini

Visit These 8 Majestic Landmarks in Surakarta and Banjarmasin

Are you traveling to historical sites in Indonesia? If so, Surakarta and Banjarmasin are two cities you definitely shouldn't miss. Used to be the heart of ancient kingdoms in Indonesia, Surakarta and Banjarmasin have various riveting monuments or landmarks that will certainly put you in awe. Don't worry, we have eight majestic landmark recommendations in Surakarta and Banjarmasin for you.

  1. Keraton Surakarta Museum
    In its own glorious time, this building was a functioning palace where every governmental procedure takes place. Now, it has become an interesting and educational tourism site you shouldn't miss.
  2. Mangkunegaran Palace
    Aside from the Kasunanan Palace, Surakarta has another beautiful palace called the Mangkunegaran Palace that has become the heart of Solo's culture and art. The various prized collections displayed here are believed to be from the times of Mataram and Majapahit reign.
  3. Keris Solo Museum
    Keris is a traditional weapon of Javanese people. Like its name, Keris Solo Museum displays numerous types of keris from different places. There are at least 300 keris and long spear displayed here.
  4. Batik Kauman Tourism Village
    Located not far from Klewer Market that sells batik products ranging from batik Tulis, batik cap, to a combination of both, the place was given its official title as Tourism Village in 2006. It's located in Kauman, Kliwon Market, Surakarta, Jawa Tengah.
  5. Barito Bridge
    The opening was done by former President Soeharto on 24 April 1997 and was the longest suspension bridge in Indonesia. Barito Bridge is a bridge that connects the west bank of Barito river in Anjir Muara sub-district and the east bank of Barito River in Alalak sub-district, not far from the city of Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.
  6. Siring Watch Tower
    Located on the bank of Martapura River, it isn't far from the floating market of Siring Menara Pandang in Jalan Kapten Pierre Tendean, Banjarmasin. Visitors can enjoy the vast Martapura river, the dome of Sabital Muhtadin Grand Mosque, and the incredibly beautiful view from Pandang Siring tower itself.
  7. Lok Baintan
    Lok Baintan Floating Market is located in Pinang River, Banjarmasin. What makes it unique is they still use barter, or the exchange of goods, as their transaction method. Typically, people would exchange commodities such as veggies and fruits and the amount would depend on their own agreement.
  8. Bekantan Monument
    Bekantan or probosci’s monkey is an endangered endemic animal unique to South Kalimantan. Because of that reason, the government of Banjarmasin seeks to educate tourists about the animal. The statue that costs Rp 2.6 billion was made by the city government and is put on display on the Martapura river bank in Jalan Kapten Pierre Tendean to act as a tourist magnet for the city of Banjarmasin.