Ini Dia 5 Kuliner Favorit Indonesia yang Terkenal di Mancanegara

These are 5 Famous Favourite Indonesian Dishes in Foreign Country


Indonesian cuisines carry their own distinctive culture of each specific region. Certain cuisines are a symbol of identity to each region due to its unique taste and characteristics, that is different in their own way. This cultural richness becomes a charm of their own, especially to  culinary hunters who love to try unique dishes from various regions. Here are some Indonesian cuisines whose delicacies are known Internationally:

  • Rendang
    Rendang is one of the most delicious Indonesian dishes that is known globally because of their deliciousness. Who doesn’t know that this dish is made of beef? It is then smeared with traditional spices and coconut milk which takes days in its process. If you cook it well, it can even last for a week. This traditional Indonesian food that originated from Sumatera Barat is well known internationally. If you order one portion of rice at a Padang restaurant, Rendang would be a perfect dish to complement your meal.

  • Satay
    This dish usually uses chicken, beef, or lamb that is arranged on a wooden stick then grilled on a pile of charcoal. This wonderful dish is perfect to be consumed for lunch or even dinner. Nowadays satay also uses ox tongue or other kinds of meat. There are various kinds of satays now, there are even satay for vegetarians as well!

  • Soto
    Who doesn’t know Soto? This wonderful culinary dish is best consumed when it’s raining or when the temperature is cold. Commonly, soto is served with yellow broth and would be even more perfect with crackers or emping. Soto is one of the cuisines that is renowned even to foreign countries. There  are also many kinds of soto that differ in their own way depending on the region. Which soto have you tried out so far?

  • Fried Rice
    Another indonesian dish that is well known is fried rice. Indonesians usually eat fried rice for breakfast or dinner. It’s the most simple dish whose taste could be adjusted to fit each person’s appetite. Fried rice is also one of the dishes that is popular to many people in foreign countries. There are a lot of international tourists who include fried rice into their food bucket list when they visit Indonesia.

  • Gado-gado
    Gado- gado consists of various vegetables which are poured with peanut sauce that is perfect to be consumed for lunch. Since there are many international tourists who are vegetarian, gado-gado becomes famous among them. Don’t forget to add a boiled egg and a cracker to elevate the taste. We, Indonesian, love to pair it with rice or rice cakes, right?

Those are the list of Indonesian cuisines that are popular even to people in foreign countries. You can easily find them around your area. But if you want to taste the most authentic one, just go to its origin area by flying with NAM Air!