Icip - Icip 6 Kuliner Khas Palembang yang Nikmat

Tasting 6 Delicious Palembang Signature Dishes


Have you got a plan for this weekend? How about having a culinary trip to the city of Palembang? This city is famous for its authentic traditional foods. You can fly with NAM Air to travel easily and efficiently without any worries. We recommend you these 6 cuisines to pamper your tastebud while traveling to Palembang.

  1. Pempek Lenggang Panggang
    Usually made by mackerel fish and fried before served, this one particular type of pempek is being fused with an omelet. At a glance, it looked like an egg martabak, but it is baked and not fried. Serving it with vinegar soup will make the dish complete.
  2. Pindang Patin
    This one is a champ! Made from catfish cooked together with a rich spice sauce, pindang patin tastes more delicious when eaten with warm rice. The tasty spices marinate into the fish, making a spectacular tongue trip. NAM SQUAD, it’s your cheat day!
  3. Tekwan
    Eating tekwan during the rainy season will feel like heaven on Earth. Just imagine eating seafood balls served with warm, delicious broth. Tekwan is also usually served with chicken slices, fried onions, and also the magnificent tekwan sauce. Uy, dah lemak nian!
  4. Model
    Having a similar name with the terminology that comes from the fashion industry, Model, in Palembang, is a dish with a similar shape of pempek but stuffed with tofu and served with broth, slices of leek, and shrimp. Add some more chili sauce if you fancy spiciness. We can understand if one portion does not enough for you. Eat some more!
  5. Mie Celor
    This one particular dish is different from your typical noodle. Mie celor is a noodle served with coconut milk sauce mixed with shrimp broth and bean sprouts, slices of leek, boiled egg, and fried onions. You will not be able to resist the temptation!
  6. Red Bean Ice
    As the name implies, the basic ingredient of this dessert is red beans that have been boiled, blended with shaved ice, and served with coco pandan syrup. It’s tasty, it’s fresh, and it’s chewy all at once.

Wait, there are still many more dishes you can try in Palembang. This time, let’s jump into the local trends and savor these delicious foods.

  1. Durian Pastel
    Are you a durian lover? If the answer is yes, this one should definitely be on your list. It shaped like the usual pastel but stuffed with soft and fragrant durian flesh. It’s definitely delicious!
  2. Cendol Pancake
    You don’t need ice to eat this cendol. Imagine a fluffy pancake topped with cendol, jackfruit, coconut milk, and cane sugar. It’s as sweet as your bae’s good morning text, so try it!
  3. Pancong Lemak
    Savory pancong cake served with many flavor options ranging from chocolate, green tea, to red velvet. Definitely the sweetest cheap thrills you’re going to get here. Oy, lemak nian Mangcek, bicek !

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