Bangkitkan Memori Indahmu dengan 7 Souvenir Khas Indonesia

Rise-up Your Good Memory with These 7 Signature Indonesian Souvenirs


Exploring Indonesian exotic tourism destinations is everyone's dream. NAM Air is making it easy for you to visit Indonesian islands, offering connecting flights to remote areas that other airlines don't usually offer. To remember your fun adventure, it's best if you get some unique souvenirs that you can only find there. Here are 7 souvenirs you shouldn't miss in Indonesia!


  1. Coffee
    As time goes by, coffee culture is becoming more popular in Indonesia. For most people, it has become a lifestyle and a symbol of societal status. Indonesia is known to produce the best coffee in the world. Coffee lovers all over the world especially like 7 types of coffee produced there. One of the most popular ones is Arabika Kintamani. It's a combination of a sour citrus-like taste and floral scent, making it distinctive from other types of coffee. If you're interested in getting a taste, you can travel to the home of Arabika Kintamani with NAM Air. With a relatively affordable price and a short travel time, NAM Air becomes your best choice. Once you arrive in Bali, don't forget to get the coffee for your loved ones.
  2. Batik
    Indonesia's very own Batik is the pride of the country and the whole world agrees to its beauty. Every batik is a piece of art containing symbolism, philosophy, and Indonesian cultural tradition. When you're wearing batik, it's as if you're preserving the nation's culture. For that reason, batik is the perfect souvenir. NAM Air provides flights to numerous places that produce batik, such as Solo. The batik industry in Solo has existed for a long time, making it easy for you to find authentic batik at an affordable price there. The two most popular batik destinations there are batik village Laweyan and batik village Kauman.
  3. Tenun (woven fabric)
    Tenun is NTT's cultural heritage passed down through generations as their family's prized possession. Oftentimes, it's used in traditional ceremonies such as their wedding. Each tribe has their own distinctive pattern, usually reflective of their lifestyle. Though beautiful, the making process is difficult, that's how it was able to capture everyone's attention. NTT's tenun was once displayed on the runway of Paris Fashion Week in 2018. NAM Air can offer you a trip to NTT, specifically the city of Ruteng. When you pay this place a visit, tenun will be the right souvenir to take home with you.
  4. Wayang
    The art of wayang is reflective of Javanese and Balinese way of life. It's not just a show, it has symbolic, magical, and philosophical values deeply tied with their life. Within every story, you can find high moral values. Several wayang characters have even become a symbol of exemplary, namely Semar or Pandawa. Wayang can be the right souvenir when you travel. NAM Air offers you a route to several wayang destinations, Yogyakarta is only one of them.
  5. Ondel-ondel
    It's the icon of the capital city of DKI Jakarta, the people of Betawi usually have them for their parties. Ondel-ondel is a symbol of the family's ancestor who will always watch over their grandchildren. Male ondel-ondel are typically red to symbolize bravery and passion while female ondel-ondel are white to symbolize purity and kindness. NAM Air offers you flights to Jakarta. When you finally come to visit, there's no harm in buying miniatures of ondel-ondel for your loved ones.
  6. Landmark Miniatures
    In Indonesia, almost every big city has its own landmark, whether it be a modern one or a historic site. One of the most famous landmarks is the biggest Buddhist temple in the world, Borobudur. Located in Magelang, Jawa Tengah, this destination can be reached through a NAM Air flight to Yogyakarta. In Borobudur, you can find temple miniatures at a low price.
  7. Leather and Wood Crafts
    Another unique souvenir you can find in Indonesia is leather and wood crafts. There are various leather and wood crafts with high artistic value within different areas. One of the most exotic pieces of art made of wood is the Asmat tribe's statues. It has high complexity, carved using traditional tools. If you're interested in acquiring this souvenir, you can get it by booking a flight to Sorong using NAM Air.

Indonesia can offer you millions of unforgettable experiences through its beautiful and exotic natural landscapes. Now, it can easily become a reality with NAM Air. Don't forget to buy local products as souvenirs. Local products are proven to be of high quality and can certainly compete in the international market. Don't wait around, realize your dream to travel around Indonesia with NAM Air!