8 Wisata Kuliner Wajib di Banjarmasin dan Pontianak

8 Culinary Tourism You Must Try in Banjarmasin and Pontianak

Aside from being known for its heavenly natural destinations, Indonesia also has diverse culinary highlights you shouldn't miss. The tasty foods aren't limited to those from Sumatera, Jawa, and Sulawesi, but Kalimantan also has some unique foods to offer. If you're ever planning to visit Banjarmasin or Pontianak, read the following article for 8 recommendations of culinary tourism in Banjarmasin and Pontianak!

  1. Soto Banjar
    As a part of Banjar people's identity, this dish is known for its incredible taste. It's made of shredded chicken with added spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. To complete it, they will add Perkedel or boiled potato. 
  2. Patin Baubar
    It's a dish unique to Banjarmasin, in which they wrap a catfish seasoned in spices with a banana leaf to then roast it on an open fire until the spices settle into the catfish, giving it a rich taste.
  3. Sate Tulang
    Sate Tulang from Banjarmasin literally translates to Bone Satay, but it doesn't mean that it's made of bones. This dish is made of parts of chicken we typically don't eat, such as the neck part or the greasy part of the tail.
  4. Mandai
    Mandai is a common name for what is actually a fermented jackfruit skin. This dish is typically served with rice and it has an amazing taste with a rather fibrous texture.
  5. Burung Punai
    Burung Punai or Punai Bird is a type of bird similar to pigeons, but with green feathers and reddish beak. The people of Kalimantan, especially Pontianak, usually capture this bird with the help of a net to then roast or fry it.
  6. Choi Pan
    At first glance, this dish doesn't look that much different from Dim Sum. But in reality, the dish has a chewy texture with various fillings such as jicama, chives or bamboo shoots, added with yam and veggies.
  7. Sotong Pangkong
    Sotong Pangkong is a street food unique to Pontianak with dried squid as its main ingredient, after that, they grill and smash it on a hard stone surface while they season it with ground nuts.
  8. Kantong Semar Cake
    It's a rather uncommon cake unique to Pontianak because it's served in a flower petal from the flower kantong semar or nephentes. There, you can easily find the flower in the forest or even in the people's yards. The cake is made of glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk, sugar, salt, and freshly washed tolo beans.