6 Jajanan Menggoyang Lidah Khas Bandung, Meuni Raos Pisan

6 Typical Sways Tounge Snacks of Bandung, Meuni Raos Pisan


Bade Ka Bandung? Hayuk, ngiring atuh (Want to go to Bandung? Come on). If travel to Bandung is a never-ending journey, let's travel to Bandung using NAM Air airplanes that can make things easier. But don't waste your time only by taking photos on instagrammable spots because there are various types of food in Bandung that you must taste ranging from sweet, savory snacks to those that make you mouthwatering, so you don't get upset.

Here are 6 delicious snacks in Bandung you must taste. Check out this article!

  1. Cuanki
    The most delicious time to enjoy Cuanki is when the weather is cold. In one portion of Cuanki, there are Siomay, meatballs, tofu, and given gravy like we should eat meatballs. For the compliment, there are sliced leeks, dumplings, and fried onions. If you like it spicy, you can add chili sauce according to your taste. It’s delicious taste and cheap price making Cuanki a favorite snack in Bandung.
  2. Batagor
    Do you know the abbreviation for Batagor? Yes, fried tofu and meatballs. Almost similar to dumplings, after steaming, Batagor will be fried when will be eaten. Batagor tastes better with a bit of lime juice, sambal, and completed with peanut sauce. With its affordable price and delicious taste, you must taste Batagor in Bandung.
  3. Seblak
    Do you like chewy-textured food? Just try it out. This contemporary snack made from wet crackers, which given various kinds of seasonings such as onion, garlic, pepper, and cutcherry with the addition of extra chili. You can choose either wet Seblak or dry Seblak according to the taste. Do you want to give it a try?
  4. Surabi
    Eleuh-eleuh, Surabi mah raos pisan (ouch, Surabi is so delightful). Surabi made from rice flour, wheat flour, and coconut milk, which cooked using a wood stove until it has a distinctive aroma. You can choose the topping for Surabi according to taste. Usually, the available toppings made from brown sugar or Oncom. Suitable as a friend to drink tea or coffee.
  5. Banana Bolen
    Eits, this is Banana Bolen, not Banana Molen. Banana Bolen is a typical Bandung snack in the form of bananas covered by skin from wheat flour. Before baking, banana Bolen has given additional fillings such as cheese or chocolate. When you bite it, the banana flavor will mix with the taste of melting cheese and chocolate in your mouth. Very enticing!
  6. Ice Duren
    Wow, it's a loss if you travel to Bandung and don't stop by Ice Duren's snacks. Imagine in a bowl of ice complete with the sugar palm fruit, seaweed, sliced jackfruit, grass jelly, covered in ice shavings completed with durian fruit meat as a topping. This Ice Duren gets even more delicious with the addition of sweetened condensed milk on top. Fresh, right?


Traveling becomes more complete if you've tasted culinary. If you want to go to Bandung, use only NAM Air airplanes because NAM Air has routes around Indonesia. For flight schedules and destinations, you can check directly on NAM Air's website or social media!