10 Spot Instagrammable di Indonesia

10 Instagrammable Spots in Indonesia


In this day and age, it doesn’t feel right when we go travelling without uploading any picture on Instagram. It's going to take more effort to arrange your feed. So that you don't have to do it twice, why not visit a fun and instagrammable place all at once. NAM Air is offering routes to numerous destinations with the most beautiful aesthetics. Wanna find out more? Here are our version of 10 most instagrammable spots in Indonesia:


1. Borobudur

This Buddhist temple that is located in Magelang, Jawa Tengah, is known worldwide as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Site. Not only is it reflective of Indonesia's rich culture, but it's also an instagrammable place for those who wants to make the effort to visit it at dawn to enjoy the spectacular sunrise.


2. Prambanan

Unlike Borobudur, Prambanan or Roro Jonggrang is a Hindu temple. You will be able to see instagrammable carvings as interesting as the ones in Borobudur.


3. Mandalika

This area in Lombok has just officially been set as a tourism destination by the Indonesian government, it has a lot of instagrammable natural sites such as the beach and the beautiful underwater life.


4. Padar Island

Located between the Komodo and Rinca islands, Padar island offers a spectacular landscape if you hike to the top of the hill. Once you post it on your instagram, it'll surely attract praises from your followers!


5. GWK Park

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park is a must-go when you visit Bali. Why? Because it's where the biggest statue in Indonesia stands. On top of that, GWK has a beautiful and instagrammable park you can take your 'aesthetic' pictures in.


6. Kelingking Beach

It'll take some effort for you to find the location of this beach. But, everything will be worth it once you arrive there and see the white sand spread before you. Pull out your camera and snap an instagrammable shot!


7. Lengkuas Island

For those who likes seeing a lighthouse on a white sand beach, Lengkuas Island that is located in Bangka Belitung is a place you must visit. There are so many pictures you can take to beautify your Instagram feed here.


8. Cikole Forest

You don't have to go abroad to find a beautiful forest like the one you see in the film Twilight. You only have to go to the Cikole Forest in Lembang, Jawa Barat and you will be offered with a natural beauty you typically see in Tumblr. It's perfect for those looking to have a gloomy Instagram feed.


9. Sam Poo Kong Temple

The Sam Poo Kong Temple is a historic place located in Jalan Samongan Raya No. 129, Semarang. It was built by General Cheng Ho who stopped by the Northern Java. There are many Instagrammable spots you can find here!


10. Parai Beach

Are you ready to look more adventurous on Instagram? Visit the Parai Beach in Bangka Belitung Province and you'll be able to take pictures on steep cliffs with dancing waves as the background. You'll definitely look more fierce on social media!


Those are the 10 Instagrammable destinations you can visit in Indonesia. Let's book a trip via NAM Air and immortalize your vacation through some photogenic shots you can put on social media!