#NAMbahIrit Traveling dengan 6 Tips dari NAM Air

#NAMbahIrit Traveling with 6 Tips from NAM Air


Whoever is sure to enjoy the valuable time, especially if you can take a break from the routine and take advantage of the time to travel. However, many people assume that traveling is expensive and instead tends to seem "just a waste of money." All of that doesn't seem to apply if you follow budget traveling tips ala NAM Air.

1. Select and book a flight well in advance
The most mandatory thing to do first before leaving for traveling is to select and book a flight well in advance of the planned flight date. Why does it have to be like this? Because if you buy a trip ticket in advance, it is still possible to get a cheap ticket. Oh yeah, one more thing, avoid ordering tickets nearing the peak seasons! So, order the tickets far away from the planned departure date!

2. Arrange a schedule to the targeted destinations
You should make a schedule and list any activities that will be done at the destination while you already booked and got the cheap ticket. How to do? One thing to do is browse and find out in advance the list of tourist attractions that can be visited at the destination later. If possible, discover the targeted destinations within the close distance, so it doesn't waste the time.

3. Traveling together is more exciting so you can cost-sharing
One more thing you can't miss! Traveling must be together. Let's unite the leave date and make a holiday, where do you want to go on vacation. Traveling together like this makes anything inexpensive because you can do cost-sharing for everything. Shopping for wholesale souvenirs can be cheaper too, right?

4. Trying local public transportation at the destination
Trying to take local public transportation can be a very thrilling activity. Besides cheap, taking local public transport can increase our information about the iconic location point of our target destinations. Another advantage is that we can also get along with local people. They often give recommendations for locations or spots that can be visited as well, so double the benefits!

5. Learn the local language
Try learning the local language so it will feel more mingled. If you can get a little bit of the local language, you can get along with society. If you're lucky, you can shop while bargaining more friendly with the seller.

6. Stay at the homestay
It's cheaper to book lodging at a homestay. Besides being inexpensive, the homestay's ambiance creates the moment feels like home and unites the warmth together. Please do believe, living in a homestay makes traveling moments more memorable and has lots of stories.