Bakal Sering Bepergian dengan Pesawat? Ini Dia Etiket Penerbangan yang Harus Kamu Ketahui

Learn These Flight Etiquettes if You Travel By Plane Often


Choosing to fly to get to your destination is always the right choice for a safe, quick, and comfortable vacation. Moreover, the trip would also be exciting and time-efficient. You also do not need to worry about the luggage, because you can store the items that you carry in the trunk of the plane.

However, there are certain airplane etiquettes that you must know in order to make your trip pleasant and comfortable not only for you but also for others. See the flight etiquette below:


  1. Resting Your Hand in Airplane Seat
    Fun Fact: If you’re sitting in the middle seat during the flight and confused, “Should I rest my hand on these two armrests?” the answer is “yes” because those two are yours to own.
  2. Talk Politely
    Chatting on a plane with friends during the trip is indeed exciting because it can drive away boredom and become more intimate with friends. However, you must pay attention to the tone of your voice when you speak. Avoid talking in a loud voice because it will bother the comfort of other passengers. Similarly, when you talk on a cell phone, adjust your volume so it is not too loud. Keep your attitude polite for a more comfortable trip.
  3. Traveling with Children
    When traveling with family, children are usually the ones who are the most carefree. They are so happy when it comes to vacation. However, there are things that must also be considered for mutual comfort and safety while on the plane. Do not allow children to run around the cabin of the aircraft, because it will disturb the comfort of other passengers and also the on-duty cabin crew.
  4. Lavatory Cleanliness
    It’s important to maintain cleanliness wherever you are, especially on the airplane. After using the toilet, wipe the toilet and sink with the tissue available there to keep the toilet clean and comfortable.
  5. Avoid Bringing Stinky Foods
    It’s actually allowed to bring food in the cabin. You can also enjoy it while traveling on a plane. However, do not let the smell of the food you bring disturb other passengers, because not all passengers enjoy the pungent aroma of the food you bring.
  6. Be Patient with Those Who Bring Infants and Children
    Do you feel uncomfortable when sitting on a plane with the sound of crying babies or whining children? You should know that carrying babies and children while traveling by plane is not easy for parents. Instead of complaining, you can offer help to engage with children or other assistance. That will be very helpful.


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