5 Tips yang Bakal #NAMbah Seru Jalan Bareng Rombongan

5 Tips that Will #NAMbah Exciting Travel in the Group


Traveling to your dream destination must be something fun, especially if the trip not alone, but together with friends or family. In truth, vacation with friends, family, or groups isn't always fun.  Sometimes various obstacles occur that make you or other group members feel uncomfortable and unable to enjoy the trip while traveling. For those horrible things not happen while on vacation, follow the tips #NAMbah exciting travel in the group below.


  1. Determine the Location and Make Sure There Are Lodging Able to Accommodate Groups
    Determining the destination of the trip is the most important thing. We recommend you to talk to several family members, friends, or relatives about the destination to be heading so all members of the group can relish the trip. Find out for lodging that can accommodate the entire number of group members well before the date of departure so that none of the group members are displaced when they arrive at the destination.
  2. Search for Promos Ticket, Direct Flights and Choose Adjacent Seats
    To save on travel costs, you can start looking for promo flight tickets well in advance of departure. To save more time, also search for direct flights to the destination. To increase more excitement, book also adjacent seats so that chatting during the trip would be that fun.
  3. Make Itinerary So the Costumes Can Be Twins
    Traveling together with the group would be more amazing and stylish if before leaving, there is a dress code by the destination, according to the itinerary made. Moreover, photos together during the trip will enhance your social media posts. If the outfit is twin, social media posts will be more kicking.
  4. Plan the Games and Simple Gifts During the Trip
    So that during the trip you do not feel bored, you and your group can prepare exciting games, such as card games, guess pictures, or guess songs with funny gifts. In addition to killing time so as not to get bored, this game will also certainly add enthusiasm and excitement.
  5. Prepare an Extra Budget for Eating
    If you want to taste local culinary at your destination, it is better for you to prepare extra funds even though the funds you are paying for a trip with a group or family include meal costs.

To make it more exciting and fun besides the previous tips, here are some tips for traveling with a group that is fine to listen.

Additional Tips:

  1. Choose the Destination that Appropriate and Can Be Enjoyed by All Group Members
    Before leaving for a trip, first discuss the destination where to heading. Also, consider who should join the group. Choose the address that is kids friendly if some of the members carrying their children. It would be nice if the chosen destination has several places that suit the group members.
  2. Expand Natural Tourism to Strengthen Bonding
    Nowadays, many nature tourism also offers exciting activities that can do with groups, family, or friends. This exciting activity will strengthen the sense of togetherness between friends or family who join the trip together. For example, the outbound held in the hills or on the beach.
  3. Choose a Core Team to Plan Details Carefully in advance
    If there are family members, friends, or traveling mate in groups who experienced in arranging traveling with the group, then there is no harm in choosing him to arrange the travel details. If not, then talk with the group members to appoint several people who will plan in detail about the itinerary so that the trip is more planned and timely, according to the expectations of the group members.


One more important note is always to check the group members if you move to the other place or destination. It will nevermore be an exciting trip if there is a member of the group left in the previous. Have fun!