5 Kamus Pintar Bagasi Pesawat yang Wajib Kamu Tahu

5 Things You Should Know About Airplane Baggage


Hello NAMSquad! Looks like you already have a plan for a vacation. Have you also planned for things you will bring for the holiday? Outfits, gadgets, even your favorite blanket are usually items you cannot leave behind during vacation. Yet, sometimes you get worried about over-baggage or confusion in choosing items to be brought inside the cabin. Check out these points to ponder about airplane baggage to make you travel with comfort.


  1. Get to know the three types of airplane baggage

    a. Hand Baggage
    Airlines usually allow you to bring hand baggage with a few requirements; the bag should not be more than 43cm x 25cm x 22cm and heavier than 2 kilograms.

    b. Cabin Baggage
    Usually, airlines allow any baggage that is not heavier than 7 kilograms and not more than 56cm x 23cm x 33cm to be brought inside the cabin.

    c. Check Baggage
    Each airline has its own policy about check baggage. Some allow passengers to bring maximum of 32-kilogram baggage. Meanwhile, for NAM Air, you are allowed to bring maximum 15-kilogram check baggage.
  2. Power Bank and Liquid Policies
    Power Bank is like an emergency angel that is always ready to help whenever our gadget cries for recharging. Yes, you are allowed to bring a power bank in a flight, as long as its power capacity is below 100 Wh and you bring it inside the cabin. If your power bank capacity is more than 100 Wh, you must request permission from the airline. Meanwhile, if you plan to bring perfume or any kind of liquids inside the cabin, it should not be more than 100ml otherwise you need to put it inside the checked baggage.
  3. Stuffs not to bring inside the baggage
    It is important to understand that some items are not allowed in the flight because it can risk the flight safety. The items are any flammable gas, explosive materials, flammable liquid, a radioactive substance, oxidant, toxic objects, and any other destructive materials.
  4. Smart packing means less baggage
    There are many ways to avoid over-baggage, NAMSquad. One of a few is bringing easily mix-and-match clothes during traveling and enough personal care inside a pouch. You don’t need to bring a towel as hotels usually already prepare the clean one for you. With smart packing, you can have a convenient vacation and more room for the baggage.
  5. Check the Free Baggage capacity
    Of course, you can shop during the vacation, as long as you take the free baggage allowance into consideration. Airlines have their own policy about free baggage, and usually, they will charge more for the over-capacity. So, don’t forget to check the free baggage allowance before the departure.


Your vacation will be fun and convenient when you obey the flight policy from your chosen airline. Don’t forget to book a NAM Air flight because now NAM Air has plenty of route selection across Indonesia. NAM Air also offers many promotions for your vacation. Check the flight schedule on the NAM Air website and NAM Air social media.