4 Tips Packing Cairan Sebelum Traveling dengan Pesawat

4 Tips on Packing Liquids before Travelling with Aircrafts


Spending your time for a vacation using the airline can never go wrong. Getting on a plane is definitely more comfortable, safer, and faster. Moreover, you also do not need to worry about the items you carry, because you can keep your suitcases in the trunk or in the aircraft cabin.

However, before you pack personal items that will be carried on the plane, you should pay special attention to the provisions in the form of liquid that will enter the cabin or aircraft luggage. Take a look at these provisions:

  1. Fluid
    Liquids that you will carry such as perfume, facial toner, or drinking water are allowed to be carried onboard. However, with the provisions, the liquid form should not be more than 100 ml and stored in a small place to enter the cabin. You can also store several liquid items in one transparent pouch, each bottle with a maximum capacity of 100 ml, to be carried in the cabin. However, if you carry more than 100 ml of liquid goods, you are required to store them in the baggage.
  2. Gel
    Gel is also included in the category of liquid goods. Gel-shaped objects such as toothpaste or hair gel can be carried in an aircraft cabin with a capacity of no more than 100 ml. However, before bringing them aboard, make sure that the gel pack is tightly closed to prevent leakage. If the result is more than 100 ml, you must store it in the baggage.
  3. Aerosol
    You need to keep your hair in shape while on vacation. Therefore, some of you must bring a hair spray with the packing list. You also need to carry a deodorant spray to kill your body odor. Hair spray and deodorant spray are classified as aerosol-shaped liquids that can be carried on an airplane. However, make sure that it is not more than 100 ml to adhere to the provisions of the flight.
  4. Special Exceptions
    Airlines have special considerations in some cases that allow passengers to carry liquid goods into the cabin. Passengers can inform the check-in officer of liquid goods so that during item screening, the liquid goods that you carry will be allowed to be brought to the cabin. There are some liquid items that are allowed to be brought such as milk for babies, baby food, fruit juices for babies, vitamins and medicines with special recipes, and frozen items. This permissible liquid item also does not have to be stored in a zip-top bag.


Well, now you can start packing liquid goods that you will carry in the cabin and also the one for the baggage so that your trip feels more comfortable. Don't forget to fly with NAM Air because NAM Air currently has many routes around Indonesia. Moreover, NAM Air has so many interesting promos. Check travel schedules and routes by visiting the NAM Air social media account.