Safety Concern

Our approach

Safety is our priority as a core element of our business. When it comes to Safety, we go the extra mile. We follow best practice systems and rigorous processes, to ensure safe journeys for our customers and a safe working environment for employees and interested parties.

Safety management and oversight

In line with the Safety Policy Statement, the ultimate responsibility for safety management lies with NAM Air President Director. In addition, the Senior Manager Quality, Safety and Security accountable to the relevant regulator for safety and compliance. The Senior manager has a remit to act independently on quality, safety and security matters without operational or commercial constraints. The Senior manager reports directly to the President Director and has regular access to the Chairman. The Safety Committee regularly reviews the effectiveness of safety management processes on behalf of the Safety Board. This includes reviewing the ongoing development of our Safety Plan, which details planned improvements to the safety management system.

Safety processes

Our safety processes have risk management at the heart of their approach. There are a number of functional safety action groups responsible for identifying, evaluating and controlling safety-related risks, chaired by the appropriate managers. The Safety Management System using software system (NAM-Safety Reporting and Analysis System and Airfase).

Employee health and safety

Health and safety of employees and contractors is a material focus for NAM Air. It is about holistic wellbeing and covers mental and physical health, as well as safety in the air and on the ground. Aeromedical and health and safety risks are managed through an integrated risk management = framework, business processes and structures. This is a proactive integrated approach to aeromedical and occupational health management, human factors and occupational safety. This may include the mental fitness of pilots, communicable disease concerns, health and safety and occupational health issues. We do not tolerate disruptive or abusive behaviour on our flights or towards our crew and ground agents. Crews are trained to avoid any risk to the safety of flights and passengers. We have measures to discourage and prevent disruptive behaviour, and to support our cabin crew to respond when it does occur.


Our security team work to protect customers and employees against security threats, including working with the relevant government and regulatory agencies. The team carries out security risk assessments, tailored for each airport to which we fly. These assessments are also updated to reflect the latest geopolitical developments. Security efforts also include business and personal data.

Cabin safety

We have a number of measures in place to support the safety of our customers during our flights. All our cabin crew are trained in first aid and how to respond to medical issues which occur onboard.

Emergency preparedness

We prepare for emergencies through our business resilience activity, which aims to: safeguard customer and employee interests; minimise the financial impact of any incidents; and protect the NAM Air brand and reputation. We have a Business Resilience team which works to ensure NAM Air has the ability to anticipate and assess, protect and control, plan and prepare, and respond and recover in the context of major disruptive or catastrophic risks, whether they are internal or external, known or unknown.