Seat Selection

NAM Air provide seat selection to accommodate their passengers according to their selected seat

Seat selection are divided into two categories:

  1. Golden Seat, you will find these seats in a row 1 to 5 for boeing and 18 19 for ATR. Close to the emergency exit and extra leg room
  2. Regular seat is your preferable seat according to our availability. You may choose any seat except golden seat

Terms and conditions for buying seat selection are listed below:

  1. Special for Golden Seat buyers at the front row and depart from Jakarta (CGK), you will get extra service which is meals from NAM Air
  2. Every purchases on seat selection, the price will automatically added to your ticket payment
  3. You can buy seat selection from our distribution channels such as travel agent, branch offices, mobile apps and web at least 4 hours before departure
  4. Seat selection is only available at Sriwijaya Air’s customer service Airport until 4 hours before the flight departure
  5. The code for your seat selection is stated on your ticket. For example, GOLDENSEAT1A, GOLDENSEAT1B, GOLDENSEAT1C
  6. Seat selection will be automatically added on our system and will be detected once you checked in
  7. Seat selection is non-refundable
  8. You are not allowed to change the seat selection if you changed your route (If you wish to change your route, it will not be applied on your seat selection)
  9. You are not allowed to change the date on your seat selection (if you wish to change the date on your departure flight, it will not be applied on your seat selection)
  10. If in accordance with your fare rules you select to move to another flight, the amount paid for your selection can be transferred to your new flight depends on the availability of the seat
  11. If there is any cancellation from the aircraft causing you to cancel your flight then your seat selection is refundable
  12. Golden seat is not for those who are elder people, expectant mother, disabilities, special needed (unwell passengers unless with medical cerfiticate) and teens below 15 years old
  13. If there is any passengers with those conditions (mentioned in point number 12), flight attendant have the right to move the passenger to another seat for the safety reasons.