Prepaid Baggage

Bring more baggage easily and save more by booking your tickets early through our website

Prepaid baggage is now available in some packages starting from 5kgs, 10kgs, 15kgs and 20kgs in lower price than if you purchase directly in the check-in counter at the departure airport.

Terms and Conditions for Prepaid Baggage:

  1. Prepaid baggage can be purchased at least 4 hours before scheduled departure.
  2. The price of a prepaid baggage package purchased will be automatically addedinto your ticket price.
  3. The default of the free baggage allowance in the ticket does not change, which is 10kgs for ATR and 20kgs for Boeing 737-500.
  4. Your ticket will show the information about of prepaid baggage you purchased as code, for example: BAG20CGKSUB, BAG10CGKJOG.
  5. The prepaid baggage you purchased will automatically be recorded in our system and will be detected when you check-in.
  6. You must obey the rule that the maximum weight of one pieceof luggage is 32kgs with a maximum dimension of 81 x 119 x 119cms (L x W x H).
  7. If your baggage still exceeding thetotal baggage purchased, then you are required to pay the excess baggage withthe normal price.
  8. Prepaid baggage is non exchangable. If you make route changes on your ticket, your prepaid baggage will not be applied.
  9. Prepaid baggage is non rebookable. If you make changes to the date of your ticket, your prepaid baggage will not be applied.
  10. Prepaid baggage is non refundable
  11. If there is an irregularity from the carrier and your flight is cancelled, then the prepaid baggageyou purchased can be refunded.
  12. You are required to pay attention to the size and weight of your luggage to fit the size we specify.